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A recent “go to” presentation of our ORIO work on markets and market institutions is available here:

Julien Brailly, Catherine Comet, Sébastien Delarre, Fabien Eloire, Guillaume Favre, Emmanuel Lazega, Lise Mounier, Jaime Montes-Lihn, Mohamed Oubenal, Elise Penalva-Icher, Alvaro Pina-Stranger, Marta Varanda (2018), “Neo-structural economic sociology beyond embeddedness: Relational infrastructures and social processes in markets and market institutions”, Volume 19, Number 3, July 2018, economic sociology_the european electronic newsletter), http://econsoc.mpifg.de/newsletter_current.asp

ORIO  (Observatoire des Réseaux Intra- et Inter-Organisationnels) is a research program –created in 2003 with help from the Institut Universitaire de France (http://www.iufrance.fr/) and later from the Réseau National des Systèmes Complexes (rnsc.fr/)– that develops and applies multilevel and dynamic, social and organizational network analyses in organized social settings, including institutions, companies, cooperatives, non profit organizations or markets. Its members measure and model the generic social processes that help collectives manage the dilemmas of collective action: solidarities and exclusions, learning and socialization, social control and conflict resolution, regulation and institutionalization. Our goal is to share methods, techniques, and insights that are needed for complex network studies of collective action.