French neo-structural (economic) sociology (incomplete publication list) Sept.2017

Neo-structural (economic) sociology (Sept.2017 publication list) Brailly J., Éloire F., Favre G., Piña-Stranger A., 2017, « Explorer les réseaux à l’échelle de la triade : L’apport des modèles statistiques ERGM », Année Sociologique, 67(1), pp. 219-254 Brailly J., 2016, « Dynamics of multilevel networks in trade fairs – A local approach to the cooperation among … Read more

Projet Tribunal de Commerce de Paris (Publications)

Lazega, E., Mounier, Lise & Lemaire, Sylvan (2017), « Financial pragmatism and bankers’ politics: The duality of the “Zombies” debate in bankruptcy proceedings at the Commercial Court of Paris (2000-2005) », in V.Boussart (ed), Finance at Work, Routledge Tubaro, Paola, Lazega, E., Lise Mounier, Tom Snijders (2016, forthcoming), « Dynamics of Advice-seeking Networks among Judges at the Commercial … Read more