Recent publications

Lazega, E. (2017), « Organized Mobility and Relational Turnover as Context for Social Mechanisms: A Dynamic Invariant at the Heart of Stability from Movement ». In J.Glückler, E.Lazega & I.Hammer (Eds), Knowledge and Networks, Springer, Knowledge and Space series, Volume 11, Pp 119-142.

Lazega, E., Quintane, Eric & Casenaz, Sandrine (2016), Collegial Oligarchy and Networks of Normative Alignments in Transnational Institution Building: The Case of the European Unified Patent Court, Social Networks, 48:10-22

Lazega, E. (2016), Réseaux et régulation : Pour un institutionnalisme néo-structural, Revue de la Régulation : Capitalisme, institutions, pouvoirs,